Jeff Faudi

Earth Observation, Deep Learning,
Artificial Intelligence Art and more...

Deep Learning for the Earth

I am currently focusing on applying Deep Learning and Computer Vision to Earth Observation. You can check my website  DeepLearning4Earth where I share information and resources on how to extract valuable information from satellite imagery such as aircrafts, cars, ships, buildings, storage, wind turbines, solar panels, parking lots, etc.. 

I am an experimented developer in Python, Deep Learning and Cloud Technologies (GCP, AWS). And I can also build Earth Observation Datasets and Machine Learning models for you. Contact me through LinkedIn and let's talk about your project!


Artificial Intelligence Art

During my spare time, I also use my Artificial Intelligence skills to work with artists and create art works myself.

There are quite a few insane techniques which enable to transfer style from one image to another, to generate an image from a text, to generate a face from a few random numbers, etc... Exploring these tools with artists is an extremely fun journey!