Jeff Faudi

Earth Observation, Deep Learning,
Artificial Intelligence Art and more...

Deep Learning for the Earth

I have been working for more then 30 years in the field of Earth Observation i.e. the study of our planet with the help of satellites. It has been mostly computer science but also image processing, physics, geography as well as product management, marketing and innovation.

After working for various organizations from startups to large corporation (Airbus), I have funded my own company called DL4EO which focus on developping the use of  Deep Learning on Earth Observation. We can extract automatically valuable information from satellite imagery (such as aircrafts, cars, ships, buildings, storage, wind turbines, solar panels, parking lots, etc.. ), help you build Earth Observation Datasets and Machine Learning models and even setup your own Deep Learning team! 

Contact me below or through LinkedIn and let's talk about your project!


Artificial Intelligence Art

During my spare time, I also use my Artificial Intelligence skills to work with artists and create artistic paintings myself. You can follow my Instagram and buy some of my paintings. 

Exploring these tools with artists, friends and art lovers is an extremely fun journey!