Jean-Francois (Jeff) Faudi

Earth Observation, Deep Learning,
Cloud Technologies and more...

Deep Learning @ Airbus

I work for Airbus and focus on applying Deep Learning to Earth Observation. We specifically use Convolution Neural Networks to extract valuable information from satellite imagery such as aircrafts, cars, ships, buildings, storage, wind turbines, solar panels, parking lots, etc. 

In 2017, we launched a Data Sandbox where Data Scientists can access Airbus imagery and services to create innovative new services and build new businesses.

From July 30th to October 4th 2018, we hosted a competition on Kaggle to find ships on satellite images as quickly as possible. I wrote an article on Medium about it.

The 20% doctrine

It is a well-known good practice to dedicated one day per week to self-development and personal projects. Here are some ot the activities that I do on Fridays :)

Improving my Python skills, following AI online trainings and gathering information about applying Deep Learning to Earth Observation on DeepLearning4Earth

Supporting a few companies with their digital tools.  I have been trained as a Design Thinking facilitator. And I also act as an animator in Deep Learning workshops. 

Managing our guest house in Toulouse with two fully equiped apartments. It is a lot of fun to meet people from all over the World and help them discovering our city!

And apart from all that, I am also interested in reading books on anthropology and practicing meditation as well as yoga.