Jean-Francois (Jeff) Faudi

Earth Observation, Deep Learning,
Cloud Technologies and more...

Deep Learning

Machine Learning is the big hype today. In remote sensing, we specifically use Deep Learning to extract valuable information from satellite imagery. 

From July 30th to October 4th 2018, Airbus hosted a competition on Kaggle to find ships on satellite images as quickly as possible. A wealth of information is available on the Internet to help applying Deep Learning to Earth Observation.

Intelligence Playground

In 2017, my team at Airbus DS Intelligence launched a Data Sandbox where Data Scientists and Startups can access a lot of Airbus imagery and services to build innovative new services and create new businesses.

In 2019, we released a tool dedicated to foster Deep Learning on Satellite Imagery. The Intelligence Playground helps with managing large imagery dataset for training as well as qualification of Machine Learning algorithms.